Techtum Limited is a technology consultancy company operated by myself; Haris M. Bhatti. Even though the company is based in the beautiful country of Scotland, the scope of the work is global. I operate remotely.

My main focus is various aspects of software engineering life cycle. In the past, my clients have asked me and in the future, my potential clients can hire me to step in at different stages of the development process. The key areas being:

My experience also ranges across most platforms and I am capable of developing for desktop, mobile and web. However, for the last few years I have been asked to work as a back-end and full-stack developer. Based on the requirements of the client, I can cover both front-end and back-end stacks. For my tool-set, I have primarily harnessed the power of the combination of Python and React

I thrive on diversity and therefore Techtum Limited has spectral experience spanning across numerous industries. A portfolio of my past work can be found here. Whether the clients are looking for a hands-on approach, an overseer or advice/direction, Techtum Limited, in it's role as a facilitator, aims to the enable the client so that their objectives could be achieved effectively.

Please feel free to contact me using various social links as listed on the side bar or simply hire me for the time required. I would suggest initially to hire me for a limited time as trial to see if the nature of my work and process suits you.

I look forward to working with you.